The Inaugural Blacks in Technology Conference, instantly tagged as BITCON2018, is a 3-day interactive platform for professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, subject matter experts, students, and thought leaders who share a common goal... increasing the visibility and representation of black men and women in the tech industry.  As we seek to further our mission of establishing a practice of world class excellence, BIT has crafted a stimulating and engaging program that intertwines and encompasses the Twin Cities educational, business, political and tech communities. Utilizing forums such as tech exhibits, career fairs, pitch competitions, networking parties, city innovation tours, lightning talks, and panel discussions, BIT invites you to redefine your career in tech…

Fredrick Blocton

UpNet Technologies
UpNet Technologies (UpNet) is a Minnesota based company located in Minneapolis Minnesota.
UpNet is a driving force in the data integration and supply chain sphere. Founded in 1996, UpNet
developed SmartCOMP™ on its iEDeX™ technology platform.
UpNet’s SmartCOMP™ is the next generation integrated tracking solution for all businesses,
utilizing the collection and integration of data to transparently connect stakeholders, vendors and
their community in a social marketplace. Leveraging the iEDeX™ integration platform, (an UpNetdeveloped
SaaS (Software as a Service) based data integration and transformation platform with
the ability to integrate any type of data regardless the origination of the data), SmartCOMP™
provides a webbased
(SaaS) system with the capability to capture data via various input
mechanisms, correlate data for variety of purposes, build a data repository with the ability to retain
multiple data relationships, and serves up the data analytics for auditing and analysis.