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Janeya Griffin

Federal Laboratory Consortium
Executive Board Member
Greater Los Angeles Area
Janeya Griffin is Founder and CEO of The Commercializer™, a strategic consulting firm that collaborates with entrepreneurs and institutions to actualize intellectual property, bring ideas and talents to fruition, and increase economic growth opportunities.

Focusing on technology, entrepreneurship, and inclusive innovation, Janeya is an experienced business development strategist. Her commitment to assisting a range of clients — from small business-owners, to historically-black colleges and universities (HBCUs), to underserved community organizations — runs deep.

Janeya’s recipe for success is drawn from four key sources: quality education, hands-on experience as a top Technology Transfer specialist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); actionable intelligence on business sector demands, and a strong passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs connect to the global innovation ecosystem. As an experienced expert in Tech Transfer or T2 — the process of moving technologies and intellectual properties from conception, to R&D, beta, scale-up, and the marketplace — Janeya is a member of the National Executive Board of the Federal Lab Consortium (FLC).

She has participated in institutional planning, outreach, and collaborative learning projects at FLC, the United States government’s collective of more than 300 STEM labs that develop formulas and technologies responsible for thousands of discoveries. For more than 50 years, the FLC and its scientists and researchers have facilitated the commercialization of revolutionary products including GPS, microchips, and other STEM discoveries that have remade economies and advanced global industries..

In 2012 Janeya joined NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center (NASA AFRC) as Lead Technology Transfer Specialist. In this contractor role she is responsible for licensing and management of the intellectual property portfolio for NASA’s Technology Transfer Office. Janeya coordinates with private companies, university STEM and business units, as well as individual entrepreneurs to bring STEM discoveries to the global marketplace.

At NASA AFRC, Janeya brings singular insight and dedication to her work: She has successfully vetted more than 100 technologies for both patent-readiness, and commercialization potential, as well as develops and manages outreach initiatives to potential licensees and key industry stakeholders.

Janeya’s current projects include being Co-Founder of ConCreate, a groundbreaking company that crowd-sources ideas from a network of historically-disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the nation’s criminal justice system, to create marketing strategies and solutions for startups and corporations. She is also CoFounder of Incutek, an HBCU/MSI initiative that fosters the development of sustainability models, shapes innovative and entrepreneurial cultures, and increases commercialization of STEM discoveries through technology transfer. She holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, both from Grambling State University — Criminal Justice, and Chemistry, respectively, with a concentration in Forensic Science. Janeya also received a Certification in Entrepreneurial Technology Commercialization from California State University, San Bernadino.

To learn more, including how your business development and intellectual property needs can be addressed, please connect with Janeya on social media.

Instagram: @JaneyaGriffin
Twitter: @JaneyaGriffin